When Politics Gets Playful


The presidential election is nothing short of entertaining – with candidates messing up their entrances at debates and “Saturday Night Live” taking every opportunity to spoof the race. Though candidates and news outlets might differ on opinions and political party affiliation, it turns out that those running (and those covering election season) have something in common: formats.

Dubbed “the social media revolution” election at Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit, this race could very well be about who tweets their way to the White House. At Playbuzz, we have closely followed how candidates and the media have tried to stand out this election season, noticing that many are beginning to utilize more innovative content formats to garner the attention of potential voters.

For example, the morning after the Republican New Hampshire Primary debate, GOP front-runner Donald Trump tweeted about the below TIME magazine poll that showcased him as the winner. He also posted it on his Facebook page. In 24 hours, the poll garnered more than 55,000 votes, 63,000 likes on Facebook, 10,000-plus shares and 6,500 Facebook comments.

In fact, Trump has tweeted about poll results often, many of which utilized the Playbuzz poll to showcase results. Voters can easily express their opinion via this format which is embedded in-article on their favorite news publisher’s site.

From the Democrats, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has also been a fan of Playbuzz’s content formats. Her campaign recently took a jab at Trump with our quiz format, garnering press from outlets such as Washington Times for doing so.

On the same side of the aisle, Bernie Sanders was included in this CNBC poll which asked readers to guess who would win his party’s nomination.

Based on the above, it’s clear that Presidential hopefuls and political journos have finally found common ground – they all want to easily engage with their target audiences and come out on top this election season. Playbuzz is helping them do just that.

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Lauren Gumport

Lauren Gumport is the Director of Communications at Playbuzz. She can be reached at Lauren@playbuzz.com.

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