The Most Important Thing To Know About Facebook’s Instant Articles


Have you heard? Facebook’s Instant Articles are becoming available to everyone. Whereas originally Instant Articles were only offered to a select group of publishers, now all publishers and brands worldwide can create these for Facebook’s mobile app.

For those who are unfamiliar with Instant Articles, rest easy – you’ve likely interacted with them before. Instant Articles appear in your Facebook Newsfeed and when clicked on, take you to the article within Facebook’s mobile app instead of taking you out of the app and loading a browser on your phone. This offering leverages the same technology used to display photos and videos quickly in the Facebook app. And according to Facebook, “articles load instantly, as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web.”

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But what you might not know, is that Playbuzz’s formats are fully synced with Facebook’s Instant Article technology. Formats, including quizzes, polls and video snaps, work seamlessly with Instant Articles so you can present your stories in the most enriching, engaging manner and simultaneously enhance your storytelling capabilities. Take a look at this example from The Independent which showcases a quiz published via Instant Articles.



What does this mean for your readers? It means that because our formats are entirely responsive to Instant Articles, they have a much quicker loading time on mobile devices through the Facebook app compared to articles loading directly from websites. The swift loading time is more user-friendly which in turn is more likely to keep your target audience engaged.



Instant articles officially become widely available on April 12. However, you can actually start creating instant articles now. Check out our how to for a simple tutorial on getting started.

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