The Casino Fair Roulette playing mat

Fair Roulette

The game of fair roulette differs slightly from that of French roulette and this also entails a different conformation of the carpet on the gaming table.

On the right side of the mat all the numbers are arranged: here the players can place bets on multiple combinations.

The numbers are placed in ascending order from the smallest (zero in the upper center) to the largest (36 in the lower right).

In the left section, on the other hand, players can place bets on the columns (i.e. on the columns of numbers on the right), on the colors (placing the chips on the red and black diamonds) on even and odd and on hand (numbers from 1 to 18) and passe (numbers 19 to 36).

Simple combination sector of French Roulette

The sector of simple combinations, if we look at the wheel, only the reds and the blacks are strictly alternated.

The manque and the passe are the same except for the couple 5-10 and the couple 26-32 which however is broken by zero.

For odd and even we find neighbors, 15-19, 25-17, 33-1, 31-9, 29-7 and 35-3, then we find the other seven pairs of even, 34- 6, 30-8, 24-16, 20-14, 22-18 and 26-36 the latter including zero.
The other four odd and four even are divided into three groups, the 4-21-2, the 36-11 and the 23-10-5.

How does the complex of bets appear with each single hit?

Massively different from that of each previous shot and each subsequent shot

The players who are seated, mostly system engineers, their bets vary slightly more or less with each shot, but the standing players, and even more those who continually move from one table to another, make the whole of the bets vary in a very sensitive and absolutely unpredictable way.

If you play electronic roulette online, obviously this problem does not arise, but if you use our program only to train, keep these variables in mind when you go to play in a real casino. In a real casino it’s harder to win.

General notions of American roulette or double zero

American roulette is essentially the same as the game that governs French roulette, however some differences exist and it is these particularities that have contributed to increasing interest and success. First of all there is the presence of the double zero, roulette also does not have the four traditional lozenges where the ball hits before placing itself in the box of a number.

The arrangement of the numbers on the wheel is also different, and the same numbers are placed backwards to European roulette, in the sense that they look outward. The playing mat also differs, not only for the presence of 00, but also because the numbers on the green cloth are shown with their own color.

The numbers on the French roulette mat are all black.

The colors of the numbers, on the other hand, do not change in either case: both the red and the black ones are shown in the exact same way for both American and traditional French roulette.

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