3 Takeaways from Fractl’s Analysis of Viral Content Powered by Playbuzz


In an era of social media driving the majority of people’s content consumption, any platform that gives brands a dramatically better chance to increase reach on social is going to turn heads. That’s why the data-driven content folks over at Fractl worked with us to build a comprehensive white paper analyzing the factors that make our platform such a game-changer for our partner publishers.

Playbuzz: A Case Study in Engagement by Fractl – February 2015 from playbuzzpublishers

Following Newswhip’s recent announcement that for the third month running, Playbuzz-powered content is shared more often than anyone else’s on Facebook, more and more publishers and brands are interested in getting started with our #PlayfulContent formats. Here are three especially poignant lessons that we can all learn from Fractl’s analysis.

1. Empower Your Audience to Teach and Amuse Others

The viral spread of content is contingent on people sharing it with their peers on social media. Fractl found that the top two factors that motivate people to share content are the desire to entertain and the desire to educate.


These two factors combine for a whopping 69% of sharers’ goals, so it makes sense that the most share-optimized content delivers on both fronts.

2. Curiosity About the Self Is Super Powerful

Stirring people’s emotions is what gets us to feel a connection with a piece of content. Fractl combed through some of the most shared content on the web to correlate specific emotions with virality. The two emotional responses that drove the most impact were anticipation and surprise.


Hence the popularity of the Playbuzz platform’s “identity quizzes,” which allow audience members to discover and share aspects of themselves that they always suspected were true. If the allure of social media is that it enables individuals to craft the ultimate public-facing identity, then content that allows us to reveal our true selves is content that’s share-worthy.

3. To Maximize Reach, Optimize for Facebook

According to Fractl’s data, nearly 82% of all social sharing takes place on Facebook, so brands that want their message to spread online need to optimize their content specifically for this channel.


It’s hardly an exact science, but optimizing content for Facebook means staying on top of what your audience is up to, emphasizing top-notch titles and visuals and favoring fun over business topics.

Check Out the Full Report

These takeaways are just the beginning. You can download the full report as a pdf file here. And if you’d like any advice on how to best leverage our free publishing tools to help your brand maximize engagement and reach, we’d be happy to talk!

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