3 Eye-Opening Stats About the Most Shared Quizzes [Infographic]


More and more top-tier publishers and brands are creating social-optimized content with the Playbuzz platform every day. Today the core of the Playbuzz network consists of over 5000 digital media properties that cover the gamut of niche interests and verticals.

These guys are successfully amplifying their reach and increasing audience sizes with their amazingly engaging content in formats optimized for social media. Some 60,000 items of content have been published and distributed for free via the Playbuzz platform so far.


Easily embeddable interactive media formats like ranked lists and polls provide content professionals with opportunities for powerfully meaningful audience engagement, and several innovative formats are slated for release in the coming months. However, the quizzes – personality quizzes, gallery quizzes and trivia quizzes – seem to be especially popular.

To gain insight into the success of these interactive media formats, the data wizards at Fractl teamed up with us to analyze the most popular quizzes powered by Playbuzz. Among the most compelling stats unearthed via the study:

  • 77% of all Playbuzz-powered quizzes that have been shared 100,000 times or more are personality quizzes.
  • The word that appears more than any other in the top quiz titles is – no shocker here – “personality.”
  • Trivia quizzes that test our capacity for information recall are hugely popular, but those that test our knowledge of pop culture franchises are even more so.

Here’s a handy infographic with more awesome takeaways from the study.

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About the author

Shachar Orren

Shachar Orren is the Chief Storyteller at Playbuzz. Serving as Playbuzz’s evangelist, she is in charge of empowering the company's partners to achieve storytelling greatness, heading up both the content and brand marketing efforts. Before becoming Playbuzz’s sixth employee, Shachar worked for over nine years as a journalist and senior editor in Israel's leading publications, and holds a BA from Tel Aviv University.

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