Stars, They’re Just Like Us!

It’s very exciting for fans when their favorite celebrity is spotted on line at Starbucks, or dropping their kids off at soccer. Why? Because it’s exactly what “regular people” do. The same phenomenon extends to the digital sphere. Many celebrities, and celebrity-centric publications, use their social channels to engage with fans in a less formal manner, posting unedited photos and even utilizing formats to create a deeper connection with their audience.

At Playbuzz, we have noticed formats being adopted by a growing number of celebrities and entertainment outlets who employ these fun, innovative tools to touch their circles in a more interactive way than traditional digital media allows. Take a look at these three examples for a quick taste of Hollywood.

The Pop Icon

Taylor Swift, who recently won three Grammys for 1989, including Best Pop Vocal Album of 2015, is beloved by fans worldwide. Her popularity is no surprise – her music resonates with millions. But what’s key about Swift is that she constantly connects with fans online, and even in-person. One great example of her digital interactions with followers is the “Which Vintage Taylor Swift Are You?” quiz on her official Facebook page. In this item, she asked fans to answer Tay-topical questions to determine if they prefer her earlier, country-style origins, or her newer, pop incarnation. Her post, which utilizes the Playbuzz quiz format, quickly received around 200,000 Likes on Facebook.


After finishing the quiz, the user is able to purchase a t-shirt that reflects the T-Swift era which most described him or her – a clever e-commerce tie-in to an enjoyable celeb interaction.

The King of Gossip

But it’s not only stars themselves who use formats. Celebrity journalists, like Perez Hilton, have tapped formats to solicit readers’ opinions on fame and fashion. In February, Perez used Playbuzz’s interactive poll format to quickly gauge fan reactions over Julianne Hough and Olivia Munn sporting the same white blazer and pants combo at a DirecTV party. Thousands of fans quickly weighed in on who wore it better. (“Sorry Olivia, Julianne Hough won this time!” most fans said).


For publishers, formats are the natural evolution of celebrity coverage. Previously, content similar to Perez’s poll might only appear on a magazine cover, or on Page Six. “Who Wore it Better?” couldn’t get more interactive than having the reader turn the page, or at best, comment on a blog post. Interactive formats empower fans and followers to share their opinions in real time while celebrities – and entertainment news outlets – can engage audiences and encourage users to share content on their own social networks.

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Hollywood News

Entertainment Weekly has also realized the value of implementing interactive content formats into their editorial strategy. EW’s digital team engages audiences by posting “up-to-the-minute” content that capitalizes on events like the Oscars or new music releases. Thousands of EW readers routinely interact with this media, sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. EW published this Oscars item with the Playbuzz quiz format to spur audience engagement in advance of the recent 88th Academy Awards.

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