Our Recipe for Whipping Up Tasty Content


It’s not uncommon to see delectable food content sprinkled throughout our social media feeds. Whether it be #FoodPorn, quick recipe videos or a #foodstagram, food publishers are constantly seeking out the next best way to display grub via an aesethically-pleasing avenue.

Our recipe for achieving fully baked content is simple – choose the format that fits the (food) message.

Here are yummy examples of how our publishing partners have utilized formats to give food and food-related content an extra punch. Try not to drool.

The TV Network

It’s no secret that food has become a worldwide movement over the past decade – with TV series like Iron Chef and Top Chef spurring super fandom, corporation deals with brands like Lean Cuisine and chef-lebrities that have garnered large followers.

Networks that focus on food now must not only excel in their television programming, but their online content as well, satisfying their audiences’ cravings for food content on every screen possible.

Food Network UK has done just that, grabbing the attention of readers’ stomachs with with items such as “The Hardest Baking Quiz You’ll Ever Take,” which was published to promote a new show, City Bakes. The eating experts at the network have also tapped formats to show readers what their food choice means about themselves, such as this quiz on “Which Food Emoji Matches Your Personality?”

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The Big Brand

When it comes to major food brands, many have developed their own unique identities. For Pizza Hut, that means offering users quirky, humorous pizza-related content via their “Hut Life” blog. Take for instance their listicles on the “10 Unexpected Places You Can Find a Pizza Hut” or “18 Reasons Why Pizza Night Is Better Than Date Night.”

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The Online Food Mecca

Editors focused on eating also take advantage of well-known, annual events that have one thing in common: the grub. For example, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve have proven popular editorial topics for many to discuss the right appetizers, food hacks and themed cocktail options. Popular food website MyRecipes, which boasts over 5 million unique monthly visitors, showcased this tactic with a “What Is The Ultimate Super Bowl Food?” ranking list. MyRecipes also utilized the Playbuzz Swiper format to gauge which kitchen appliances readers own:

The “We Like Food Too!” Publishers

And then you have the publishers who don’t only cover food, but focus on it as one of their key beats. Take Marie Claire, AOL and USA Today – all of which have varied in the type of formats utilized to provide a playful environment for readers to interact with tasty topics. Here’s a poll by Fortune that asks readers, “Which Fast Food Menu Item Should Be Brought Back In 2016?”

No matter the flavor, we’ve got the format. Get started creating your own food-focused content today or see more delish content #PoweredByPlaybuzz on our Pinterest page.

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