Introducing Impact by Playbuzz!


We are excited to launch Impact – our data and analytics platform that enables publishers, brands and agencies to manage and view actionable insights on embedded Playbuzz items.

Impact is your secret weapon to improved content consumption and with deep analysis and actionable insights, it can help you optimize your Playbuzz-powered content for maximum user engagement, retention and growth.

What Else Does Impact Help With?

We worked with top-tier publishers, including The Sun’s Dream Team FC (UK), Refinery29 (US) and Axel Springer’s Welt, and (DACH), to perfect Impact in beta. Now, Impact is open to all! And don’t just take our word for it on how helpful it is to guiding content strategy…

Use the platform (via desktop or mobile) to see number of views and social interactions on various channels, item start and completion rates, question-response drill-downs, weekly reports on your content’s performance and a library of items your audience might respond well to.

If you’re a publisher, brand or agency who is not currently utilizing Impact but would like to, contact

But There’s More…

Not any of these? You can still use Impact! Impact for Creators allows all those who create public items via our suite of formats on – not just publishers, brands and agencies – see how their content is performing when embedded on your site and on other sites. Get started by accessing Impact directly within the Playbuzz creator platform. Or click here to see your Impact dashboard.

Remember, great content requires powerful tools. With this platform, you’ll now be able to make conscious content decisions that have a real ‘impact’ on your readers and keeps them coming back for more.

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Ori Steinitz

Ori Steinitz is Product Manager, Platform Development, at Playbuzz. He can be contacted at

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