How to Create Engaging Video Content for Any Vertical


Last week we launched Video Snaps, a simple and innovative new way to share video content. Our new format has proven to be a huge success, averaging an impressive 79% completion rate!

A number of publishers across the globe have already begun using Video Snaps. Take, for instance, The Hill, a Washington-based political website that’s widely followed by lawmakers and politicians. The Hill used Video Snaps to condense and annotate a Donald Trump campaign speech in advance of Super Tuesday. The full, original video runs for more than 26 minutes. The Hill’s digital team deftly divided the video into a handful of minute-long sub-chapters and titled each Snap according to the political rival Trump confronts at that point in the video. Since Video Snap labels are customizable, The Hill used red chapter markers to demarcate when Trump addresses his Republican rivals, and blue markers for when he addressed Democratic challengers.

The Hill wasn’t the only news site that tapped the format. CNBC utilized Video Snaps to outline a list of top side jobs for millennials, using one Snap per job, all customized with different colors to make it easy for viewers to skip between the outlet’s career suggestions.


Or consider the way Complex magazine’s movie website, Collider, used Video Snaps to repackage its “Collider Movie Talk” segment. “Movie Talk” is a daily roundup of the biggest Hollywood news, and its hosts typically address about 10 different topics, touching on everything from Pixar’s “Finding Dory” trailer to the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” movie. Video Snaps are ideal for this type of varying, segmented content, since the format allow viewers to quickly see what movie news is on the day’s docket, and to bounce between — and share — the Video Snap that most interests them.

Video Snaps also work well for sports highlights, both real and virtual. Red Bull sponsors various online competitions, including the League of Legends Championship, which pits dozens of players against each other in a large, online battle strategy competition. Red Bull Germany broadcast this championship match to a live audience, and also repackaged the recorded content using Video Snaps. The new Playbuzz format is perfect for this type of video content, which features some slower segments interspersed with heart-racing competition between the online teams. Viewers can easily skim between segments and relive their team’s moments of victory.

Red Bull Germany also utilized Video Snaps for other online sports content, in this case, an entertaining highlight reel of notable fails from the video game FIFA 16. Video Snaps enabled Red Bull to quickly assemble, repackage, and distribute this entertaining content, and for fans to enjoy and share their favorite Snaps on demand.

FIFA 16 was also the subject of another “FIFA Fail” Video Snaps highlight reel, this one assembled by Dream Team FC, the football fan site of UK newspaper The Sun. Video Snaps again proved itself a versatile format, providing yet another way to highlight entertaining outtakes of this immensely popular video game.

But Dream Team also used Video Snaps for real world athletics, in this case, an interview with freestyle soccer duo F2, where they fielded various questions about everything from their training regimen to their ideal dinner party. Because Video Snaps allowed Dream Team to annotate their video content and provide chapter markers, fans can more quickly find, enjoy, and share the soccer content they love.

Video Snaps pair well with multiple verticals. Its easy customization and annotation enables publishers and brands to engage their audiences more directly, while allowing viewers to view and share their preferred video content. Want to get started with Video Snaps? It’s easy. Simply follow the below tutorial, and you’ll be Snapping in no time!

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