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The Format Is the Message: 3 Content Formats You Need to Consider

A look at some of the more interesting options brands can choose from and combine within Story, and the benefits each one has to offer.

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Hipster in the Library

When Millennials Are All Grown Up

The combination of new technology & user behavior will bring more change to the content industry. Here are a few things you may want to prepare for.

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Playbuzz Users Get Chatty with Their Content Format Engagement Strategies

Check out a few of the best Convo items Playbuzz content creators have produced since the launch of our new format.

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The Most Important Thing To Know About Facebook’s Instant Articles

Facebook’s Instant Articles are becoming available to everyone. But did you know that Playbuzz formats are fully supported by them?

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3 New Solutions to Meet Different Audience Engagement Challenges

Let’s take a look at three fresh interactive media formats, the type of content engagement that each drives best, and examples from top publishers.

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What One UGC Contributor Can Teach the Media Industry

Speaking with superstar citizen creator Olivia Ahna about the power of UGC and what professional marketers can learn from thriving UGC ecosystems.

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3 Eye-Opening Stats About the Most Shared Quizzes [Infographic]

To gain insight into the success of quizzes on social media, the data wizards at Fractl analyzed the most popular quizzes powered by Playbuzz.

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The Secrets Behind Playbuzz’s 10 Most Shared Quizzes of 2014

Perhaps it’s these content items’ ability to tap into people’s existing primal uncertainties that has made them into such major viral hits.

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Can Content Media Startups Survive Spiking VC Interest?

Industry commentators have been stumped by the surge of investments in content media companies, pointing to incompatibility with VC expectations.

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3 Ways to Use Ranked Lists for Brand Audience Engagement

With the new “ranked list” format, your audience can up-vote, down-vote and comment on a randomly generated sequence of items you publish.

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