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Right on the Money: Branded Content for Financial Services

Financial services brands are innovating in the way in which they interact with their existing and potential consumers, while handling the inherent challenges and restrictions their market presents.

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Ad Blocking Is Not the Problem, It’s the Symptom

While many view as blocking as a problem, it is merely a symptom of the need for change in the advertising arena, and a blessing in disguise.

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Make It Official: 2017 Will Be The Year of Native Advertising

2017 will be a promising year for the industry, as more brands and publishers shift from display to native advertising.

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The Most Important Thing To Know About Facebook’s Instant Articles

Facebook’s Instant Articles are becoming available to everyone. But did you know that Playbuzz formats are fully supported by them?

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Content vs. Con-tent: Three Strategies Marketers Must Know

Consumers expect more from ad-funded content. Here are 3 ways for publishers to achieve content that’s more interactive and less obtrusive than ever before.

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Our Recipe for Whipping Up Tasty Content

Key examples from major food brands, websites and more that showcase how to choose the format that fits the (food) message. Try not to drool.

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How to Create Engaging Video Content for Any Vertical

See how various publishers and brands worldwide have utilized our latest format, Video Snaps, for to-the-point video storytelling.

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DLD 2016: How Playbuzz Reinvented the Tired, Old Conference Format

Industry conferences can be exhausting, even when the speakers are insightful, inspiring & thought provoking. Here’s how we solved the problem at DLD 2016.

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Ramp Up Your 2016 Content Strategy with WordPress.com VIP and the Playbuzz Plugin

Are you a publisher tasked with creating large quantities of content within a short period of time, resulting in a drop in quality? We have the solution.

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3 Social Content Snafus to Avoid When Engaging with Hispanic Millennials

Millennial, Spanish-speaking media audiences are finally coming into their own, with a great deal of demand to engage with them in a meaningful manner.

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