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When it comes to sports, there are a few givens: fans can be obsessive, aggressive, uber loyal and super active on social media. With Super Bowl 50 garnering 16.9 million tweets and 200 million Facebook posts alone, major sports moments are key for publishers to capitalize off of.

At Playbuzz, our global sports publishing partners span from teams to major franchises and outlets covering sports in general. Whether it be a highlights real or quizzes about team players and locker room drama, formats have become a key avenue for these publishers to connect with fans and boost engagement while simultaneously bolstering excitement for an upcoming season, or even, the off-season.

If we know anything about this vertical, it’s that no matter the region, sports content runs deep. Below are highlights of how major sports publishers worldwide have catapulted their content with the help of Playbuzz formats.

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In the USA, football is arguably one of the nation’s oldest, most talked about traditions…with the rowdiest group of fans. Our partners, such as Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports and theCHIVE, are well aware, creating items that don’t just focus on teams, but the fans themselves.

TheCHIVE published this ranked list asking readers “Which NFL Team has the Most Annoying Fans?” An evergreen piece of content such as this one works year round, as does FOX Sports’ quiz asking, “Which NFL Team Should You Really Be Cheering For.” This item in particular generated an impressive 3 minute average engagement time and a 91% completion rate.

And for this year’s Super Bowl, our NFL-focused partners didn’t slow down, with items quizzing fans on which team they should be rooting for, such as the below by MTV.

For more NFL-related content tips, tricks and insights for on and off the field, check out this “Sports Marketing on Social” whitepaper that we published with NewsWhip.


MLB season has yet to start, but off-season content topics have proven to be just as fun and engaging as a big game. Passionate fans are happy with anything and everything, from details of players joining or leaving a team, to honors and awards, injury reports, and more.

For example, Fox Sports published an item focused on MLB history with this trivia quiz titled, “Can You Answer These 11 Questions Every MLB Fan Should Know.”

And for when teams are back on the diamond, publishers can focus on more than the innings. MLB’s poll on the best vendor at MLB stadiums is a great example. Pictured below, this item garnered nearly 40,000 votes and many tweets from baseball teams.


Across the pond, Brits have concocted cheeky content to quiz you on which Welsh rugby player you should be dating.

If that’s not for you, perhaps Eurosport’s quiz on how well you know the Manchester United squad, or SkySport’s quiz on the biggest sports stories of the year, are more up your alley.


Over in Spain, football (perhaps known to you as soccer if you’re American), has a huge following. FC Barcelona has published items testing readers’ knowledge on the history of their team versus other teams such as Real Madrid.

Similarly, the Spanish Football League has challenged readers, asking them to guess the jersey numbers of La Liga players and what kind of captain they are. Items such as these have generated up to 40,000 views and completion rates of up to 96%.

As you can see, sports inherently lends itself to creating engaging, interactive content that is enjoyable for the reader to consume. Our VP of Content, Shachar Orren, says it best: “Sports content can focus on any topic that fans experience as part of watching a game every week. Those topics essentially become no less important than the players themselves or who won the game.” So think outside the box like our publishing partners, and perhaps pen items on mascots, stadium grub and even the city hosting a match.

But if you’re simply looking to relax and hang ten, this listicle on details famed surfer Kip Moore’s surfing playlist. Happy listening.

For more examples of great sports marketing content that utilize interactive formats, check out our Pinterest sports page for publishers.

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